Executive Coaching Programme

Executive Coaching

Leaders need to have a well-developed self-awareness to achieve their personal and professional goals in a focused way. Leadership and influencing skills are something that require continual work. Through my Executive Coaching I work with leaders to overcome imposter syndrome and build confidence. I also help leaders enhance their competencies such as self-awareness, leading through change, communication skills, building effective teams, mentoring and developing others.

I gained so much clarity’

“Working with Ruth, I gained so much clarity over my professional and personal values. Ruth gently and firmly guided me to develop greater structure in my approach to leadership and management. I now compassionately own and respect my own boundaries. I use her three-step approach (A x 3 = C) in all facets of my life now. Thanks Ruth, it’s been such a pleasure!”

Dr. Ceara Belviso, Director of Medical Affairs, MDS Ireland


“The coaching experience with Ruth was exceptional. Ruth is a fantastic listener and helped me put a structure in place (the famous 3 As) that was memorable and specific to me. Not only did this improve my professional performance, the coaching also helped me grow in my personal life”

Max Whittingham, Commercial Finance Lead, Astellas Pharma Ireland

Executive Facilitation Programme

Executive Facilitation

When you or others in your organisation are not getting the outcomes you require, then it’s time to take action, do something differently, experiment with new ways, get curious. Everything DiSC is a powerful psychometric tool to help you understand yourself and others and how to optimise working relationships. Such assessments invite reflection and provides non-judgmental, immediately applicable personal development insights.

Benefits include increased energy and engagement, a reduction in conflict, improvements in individual, team and organisational performances. The focus is on creating positive behaviours that lead to thriving organisations.

Ruth’s coaching has changed my approach’

“Ruth is a great listener and an expert coach. She opened my eyes to the power of considered and intentional approaches in navigating the turbulent waters of corporate life. Her coaching has changed my approach to managing important work relationships and I have been the beneficiary of positive outcomes that have been a direct result of our work together.”

Fiona Nolan, Strategic Advisor

Career Coaching Programme

Career Coaching

Having worked in recruitment for six years I am well placed to coach clients to plan and execute strategic career moves.The process involves insightful conversations that will help you to make informed decisions about the evolution of your career.

Interview preparation

Good interview preparation will set you apart from other interviewees and help convey to your next employer you are the best candidate for the job. The desired outcome from an interview is that you become the decision maker, in other words – you get to decide whether to proceed to the next round, accept the position or walk away. With adequate preparation, you gift yourself the ability to do just that.

I felt several inches taller after each coaching session

“Ruth has been invaluable in assisting and guiding in my career decisions. She has challenged assumptions and decisions that I have made both in relation to my career and achievements to date. She has helped me put a value on the contributions I can make in my career and how this can lead to a greater personal sense of fulfilment. Ruth has empowered me with the tools and insight to make better decisions about my career and trajectory in life. Before working with Ruth, I would have stalled and not been brave enough to make that leap of faith. I always felt several inches taller after each coaching session.”

Paul Fahey, Chartered Director, Health Informatician & Pharmacist