A X 3 = C. This is the coaching model I have devised over the last six years – it is my proven formula that will help you make the change you need. The A’s stand for Awareness, Acceptance, Action, resulting in C, Change (sustained & positive).

We are all creatures of habit. We find ourselves behaving in the same ways over and over, even when those ways are not allowing us to achieve the outcomes we want.

For some it might be a need to focus more on strategic planning when their default mode keeps them in ‘doing’. For others it could be based on a desire to be more confident or assertive, especially when faced with people who have different behaviour styles to our own.

Change takes time and it can be a slow process. However, with change comes a great sense of freedom and empowerment, relief and hope. If the logical mind could have worked out a way to make the change you want to see, it would have already happened. The 3As coaching model taps into your creativity to achieve lasting change.

A x 3 = C Formula Image

One of the best decisions I have ever taken

“Working with Ruth is one of the best decisions I have ever taken. The three As, coupled with Ruth’s professionalism, brought a clarity and calm to my thinking which is proving invaluable, both personally and to those around me. Like everything, to get the most from coaching you have got to fully commit and living the learnings takes discipline. For me, it has improved my decision-making and overall leadership approach. You will not regret working with Ruth.”

Dan Pender, Founder and Managing Director, 360